About us

zhaolu furniture co,ltd, we are specialized in the sales of plastic furniture, glass and metal table, chairs, PU bed, sofa, office furniture and panels furniture.

Our products and  business principle positioning: the best quality, affordable and reasonable price, continually innovate new product, to keep our customer always have attractive new model to meet competitive market.

Our advantage is we always put customer service on the top of our business:

we always review our production process to lower our cost to make sure we always be competitive in the market; we are proud of it

We always exert our effort to provide our customer on-time delivery, 90%-95% order could be deliver on time, we are proud of it;

We always take the quality as the lifeblood of our business, for the whole process of production, there is our QC people supervise the quality, make sure to correct the mistake at the first time when find the problem.  Our product could be delete after long time sales and market tired of it, we allow it , we can not allow any single product be cancel or delete due to the quality problem, it is our attitude to treat any single of our product ,in our deep heart, the furniture have life which same to human being, we take care of it carefully,we are proud of it.

We always invest a lot to develop new product and improve our R&D team, we try our best to introduce new and fresh product to our customer,  to make our partner everyday new looking to their customer, we are proud of it.

So, Zhaolu is really confident and welcome to build up long- term business relationship with you. please contact us via info@zhaolufurniture.com